I Don’t Know What to Blog About

I meant to write a novel this month and I haven’t written a word. That’s pretty bad. What’s worse is that I’m supposed to blog twice a week and I haven’t done that either. You can’t force inspiration, but neither can you use its absence to excuse laziness. If I’m going to make it as a professional writer, I’ve got to treat this as a job. So, here’s my post about not posting.

I feel like a bad writer when I don’t fulfill my small blogging commitment. Readers probably don’t notice, but it taps on the back of my skull all day. “I know you’ve been avoiding me, Jonny,” the blog says. “You’ll never be anything if you keep watching Netflix. Plus it hurts my feelings.”

I’m sorry, blog. I didn’t mean to make you feel unloved, but I’m a little burned out. You can get burned out on blogging just as easily as you can get burned out on eating lasagna every day. Sometimes I need a break from lasagna; not because I don’t love lasagna, but if I eat it all the time, I’m going to forget why I loved for lasagna in the first place.

I’ll get back to blogging, but I might need a couple days to remember why it’s important.

— 30 —

There are days when I simply can’t write a blog to save my life, but I’m never short of things to tweet about. You can follow me at @jonnyeberle and I’d love to hear your feedback.
How do you break the cycle of blogger’s block?

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