I am the founder and CEO of Obscure Studios, a small independent film studio that produces short films. I love film as a medium for visual storytelling.

I was the assistant director of “Changing Gears: Flagstaff and the Mountain Bike,” a documentary about Flagstaff, Arizona’s pivotal role in the birth of the sport of mountain biking, which was screened at the 2011 Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival. I worked with director Chris Gunn as cameraman, editing consultant and co-writer.

I have also written, directed, shot and edited my own short films and one webseries, which lasted 96 episodes. You can see my previous work on the Obscure Studios website.

As Seen On TV (2019)
Short film. Director/co-writer/actor.


The Closet (2015)
Short film. Writer/director/actor.


Poverty With a View (2014)
Webseries pilot. Co-writer/co-director/actor.


An Obscure Carol (2010)
Short film. Writer/director/actor.

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