I am the founder and CEO of Obscure Studios, a small, independent studio that produces short films. I love film as a medium for visual storytelling.

I was the assistant director of “Changing Gears: Flagstaff and the Mountain Bike,” a documentary about Flagstaff, Arizona’s pivotal role in the birth of the sport of mountain biking, which was screened at the 2011 Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival. I worked with director Chris Gunn as cameraman, editing consultant and co-writer.

I have also written, directed, shot and edited my own short films; one webseries, which lasted 96 episodes; and dozens of videos for community groups and employers over the last 10 years. Here are some examples of my film work:

IPC Virtual Worship Service – Pride Sunday (2020)

Virtual worship service for Immanuel Presbyterian Church. Director/editor.

As Seen On TV (2019)

Short film. Director/co-writer/actor.

YMCA Staff Save Member’s Life After Heart Attack (2019)

Video story. Interviewer/editor.

Democracy Must Be Learned By Each Generation (2018)

Video story. Interviewer/editor.

Creative Colloquy IndieGoGo Campaign Pitch (2014)

Crowdfunding video. Co-writer/director/editor.

An Obscure Carol (2010)

Short film. Writer/director/actor.



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