Top 10 Reads of the 2010s

The end of a decade is a time for reflection and, even more importantly, it’s a time for top 10 lists from your favorite blogs. Over the last 10 years, I’ve done a lot of reading, so as 2019 winds down, I thought I would look back at my favorite books of the 2010s: 10.Continue reading “Top 10 Reads of the 2010s”

Dumpster Diving for Books

I’d like to preface this by saying I’m not a regular dumpster diver. I respect the sport, but never advanced beyond little league diving. I do have a bookcase, an inkjet printer and a slightly crooked desk map that were scavenged from the junk heap, but that’s beside the point. For the purposes of thisContinue reading “Dumpster Diving for Books”

Rebel Without a Notebook

In dismay, I realized that I’d left my jacket 260 miles away in the closet of my friends Nathan and Danika’s house in Tucson. That would be a minor inconvenience in snowy Flagstaff, but I had another coat, so I would survive. Then, I remembered what was in my inside pocket and began to panic.Continue reading “Rebel Without a Notebook”

I Don’t Know What to Blog About

I meant to write a novel this month and I haven’t written a word. That’s pretty bad. What’s worse is that I’m supposed to blog twice a week and I haven’t done that either. You can’t force inspiration, but neither can you use its absence to excuse laziness. If I’m going to make it asContinue reading “I Don’t Know What to Blog About”

Saving My Spot on the Shelf

Every time I go into a new bookstore, I always look for the shelf where my books will sit one day. Depending on the selection, I usually fall between the works of Robert Easton and the novels of David Ebershoff. I don’t know why I do it. A touch of vanity? Camaraderie? Reassurance? A challenge?Continue reading “Saving My Spot on the Shelf”

Save the Books

When Gutenberg invented the printing press, I imagine that someone objected, saying the machine would put scribes out of work. When voices first traveled on radio waves, someone probably cried out that it would render the telegraph operator useless. Now, tablets stand poised to change the way we digest information. I’m not afraid of change;Continue reading “Save the Books”