Jumping on the Meme Bandwagon

Over the past week, I have noticed a photo meme creep ever so quietly into my news feed. The meme consists of a black box with an area of study or an occupation at the top and a series of photos depicting how your friends, relatives and society view your activity. Some are funny, some are informative — all are self-serving. I’ve seen them for youth workers, scientists, marketing majors and Disneyland employees, but I have yet to see one for writers (though I am almost certain that one probably exists).

I don’t usually participate in these sorts of things, but if I can draw attention to the horrible stigmas and unbearable work loads that we writers are forced to work under to craft a paperback masterpiece, then I will have done my share. If you don’t respect and pity me at the same time, then I probably wasn’t witty enough. Without further ado, my contribution to the monster. Enjoy!

— 30 —

Feel free to spread this far and wide. When your friends ask you where you got that devilishly clever picture, just direct them to this blog and to my Twitter feed — @jonnyeberle. If this makes me famous, I’ll send you cookies or something.

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