Sometimes, All You Need is Tea

There are days when I think I was born on the wrong side of the Atlantic. In a land of coffee addicts, I choose tea every time. To be sure, the taste is better; more nuanced and varied than coffee, but there is more to it than that. There is something in the ritual ofContinue reading “Sometimes, All You Need is Tea”

Fresh Snow, Fresh Creativity

I love days like today. Cold days when snow falls softly from the sky and leaves a hush over the earth. Wintery days without appointments or responsibilities when I can settle down in front of a window with a hot cup of tea and let my imagination fly off with the glistening flakes. Today isContinue reading “Fresh Snow, Fresh Creativity”

Writing Down Snowflakes

The turn up the hill to my house is steep and slick with ice and slush. The truck spins its tires, but it doesn’t have the momentum to make the turn; doesn’t have the friction. It slides backwards and fishtails back and forth before the driver decides to give up and back down the hill.Continue reading “Writing Down Snowflakes”

Tea Is The Best Thing Ever

There is something romantic about brooding over your latest literary endeavor over a steaming hot cup of tea. It’s wonderfully grown-up, sipping tea and looking down on the lowly coffee drinkers. What’s truly great is the variety of tea that’s available. My favorites are black teas — robust breakfast tea, soothing chai, tangy earl greyContinue reading “Tea Is The Best Thing Ever”