Emerging from Hibernation

Maybe it’s just a fluke. Maybe it’s climate change. Whatever the reason, the Mercury has been climbing around the Puget Sound. From the desperate depths of winter, we’ve seen an accidental glimpse of spring. The humans in my neighborhood poke their heads out of their dusty, shut-in homes to see the sun shining in anContinue reading “Emerging from Hibernation”

The River and the Office Building

Here, at the bend in the Green River, the picnic tables sit inches above the rising waterline. The river is gorged with rain, hungrily bursting its banks. Trees that once clung to the fresh earth now seem planted in the swift current. Swallows flit in and out of a thicket of blackberry bushes, building a nestContinue reading “The River and the Office Building”

Smells Like Spring

I wasted no time in throwing the curtains and sliding the glass door open when I got home. My dingy, cave-like apartment half-buried in the hillside was immediately filled with a soft, cool breeze. Stepping out onto the porch for the first time in months, there was almost no sign of the 15 inches ofContinue reading “Smells Like Spring”