A Writer and a Fraud

This month, I put myself on the line. I dusted off the play that I wrote two years ago and started sending it to theatres and new play festivals around the country. Some of these programs are known for discovering brilliant playwrights that go on to fame, fortune, and accolades. And each time I hitContinue reading “A Writer and a Fraud”

From the Page to the Stage: A Playwright’s Journey

I have this theory that all writers are egomaniacs. Bear with me a minute while I explain. We write for an audience, in the hopes of impressing something of ourselves onto our readers in exchange for a few words of praise. We can’t help being self-centered in our work — we write alone with onlyContinue reading “From the Page to the Stage: A Playwright’s Journey”

The Obsession

The life of a writer is often quite lonely. Even in a writing group or a room full of people furiously weaving words together, the creation of a new world has a strange way of trapping its creator inside. Last night, I finished co-writing a script for a play and came back to my house,Continue reading “The Obsession”