The Rain In Washington Falls Mainly On the Tulips

Washington is a beautiful state. It is lush and green; brimming with life. And there’s a reason for it. Washington is the rainiest place I have ever lived (recall that before this, I was in the high desert of Northern Arizona). There is a price for beauty — months of drizzle interspersed with torrential downpours.Continue reading “The Rain In Washington Falls Mainly On the Tulips”

Waiting for Rejection

Normally, I’m a patient man. I grew up with three younger sisters, after all. But this past week, I’ve been fidgety and prone to drumming my fingers to count the time. You see, it’s been six days since I hit the “submit” button. Six days of obsessively checking my email; six days of second-guessing myContinue reading “Waiting for Rejection”