An Ear for Good Writing

There are some writers who can work in total silence. I have never been one of them. I don’t understand them and I don’t associate with their kind. I’ve always been at my most creative when my auditory senses are engaged. Not just any sound will do. I’m a well-known eavesdropper — it’s where IContinue reading “An Ear for Good Writing”

Chaney Sings the Blues

There’s something about the blues that I’ve always connected with. Maybe it’s the unexpected rhythms of the music or the wordplay of the lyrics, but I think it’s mostly the themes which resonate so deeply with my own life. The blues chronicle love, loss, struggle and hard work. It’s nice to know that someone elseContinue reading “Chaney Sings the Blues”

What Langston Hughes Taught Me About The Music of Language

I’ll never forget the first time I read a poem written by Langston Hughes. I was 16, taking a creative writing class at my high school and struggling to make it through the poetry unit of the course. I couldn’t write a decent poem to save my grade and every poem I read seemed moreContinue reading “What Langston Hughes Taught Me About The Music of Language”

Writing in Thin Air

When we’re in the womb, we learn about the outside world through our sense of hearing. The sound of our mother’s heartbeat; her voice — it’s all deeply ingrained in us before we’re even born. So, it’s no surprise that auditory stimuli are so powerful and why paintings of sound evoke such strong emotional responses.Continue reading “Writing in Thin Air”

Still a Work in Progress

In your voyages around the blogosphere and the twitterverse, you’ve no doubt noticed that this is the time of year when anyone with an internet connection tells the world about their resolutions for the new year. I promised myself that I wasn’t going to be that guy, but all the cool kids are doing it,Continue reading “Still a Work in Progress”