The Inspiration Trap

For centuries — maybe longer — an insidious lie has spread through the creative community; whispered from one generation to the next. A lie that has kept promising writers, painters, photographers and filmmakers from achieving their potential. It is a simple idea that buries itself deep in the mind of the beginning artist like aContinue reading “The Inspiration Trap”

Breathing Room for the Brain

As writers, we love to wrap the creative process in a shroud of mystery. We ritualize it, we personify it. We pretend there’s a magical spigot of creativity in the sky that only the writing elite can turn on. But the reality is, creativity is a discipline. Channeling it may be more art than science,Continue reading “Breathing Room for the Brain”

Bully Your Muse

There are beautiful times in the life of a writer — deeply spiritual times when you experience out-of-body creativity. You are removed from the process and your brain is merely a lightning rod, not the storm itself. You are the vessel to channel this bizarre, otherworldly force onto the page. Unfortunately, I am not havingContinue reading “Bully Your Muse”