A Different Kind of Pandemic

Right now, the Internet is awash in think pieces on the anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic. One year ago, the world changed overnight, but not in the ways I thought it would. By early March 2020, where I live in Washington State, it was obvious that we were on the precipice of some kind ofContinue reading “A Different Kind of Pandemic”

What I Learned Making a Short Film on an iPhone

When I started making short films more than 15 years ago, a decent, mid-range consumer video camera was about the size of a brick and recorded either to miniDV tape or mini DVD, which was good for 60 minutes of recording. Tapes got chewed up during playback, DVDs got scratched, and in the general theContinue reading “What I Learned Making a Short Film on an iPhone”

Curse You, Netflix

Netflix, we need to have a talk. I really like you and I really enjoy the time we spend together, but I think we need to take a break. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved every minute of every episode of How I Met Your Mother that I’ve streamed this week. The picture qualityContinue reading “Curse You, Netflix”