9 Things “How I Met Your Mother” Taught Me About Storytelling

After nine seasons, my favorite TV sitcom came to an end last night. After years of twists and turns, Ted Mosby finally met the love of his life and his couch-bound children found out how their father met their mother. For my generation, the CBS comedy has become is cultural touchstone.¬†With its¬†intricate web of puzzleContinue reading “9 Things “How I Met Your Mother” Taught Me About Storytelling”

Curse You, Netflix

Netflix, we need to have a talk. I really like you and I really enjoy the time we spend together, but I think we need to take a break. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved every minute of every episode of How I Met Your Mother that I’ve streamed this week. The picture qualityContinue reading “Curse You, Netflix”