Writing Is The Best Therapy

I haven’t written a word since before Labor Day. It’s been more than four weeks since I’ve made the time to create amid the chaos of wedding planning, learning a new job and moving into a new house. For a writer to go a prolonged period without writing is like an athlete not training forContinue reading “Writing Is The Best Therapy”

Sometimes, All You Need is Tea

There are days when I think I was born on the wrong side of the Atlantic. In a land of coffee addicts, I choose tea every time. To be sure, the taste is better; more nuanced and varied than coffee, but there is more to it than that. There is something in the ritual ofContinue reading “Sometimes, All You Need is Tea”

A Time and Place for All Words

It’s been six days since my last blog post; six days since I wrote anything of my own. This is one of those hectic weeks that won’t look so bad from the comfort of next week. There are a million and ten things to be done at work and by the time I get home,Continue reading “A Time and Place for All Words”