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COVID-19 is reshaping the world. For nonprofits and charities already operating with razor-thin margins, the economic fallout of the pandemic is devastating — but the work continues. During the last recession, charitable giving decreased 7%, forcing many organizations to close their doors permanently. While there’s no way to how much donors will hold back this year, the economic upheaval caused by the coronavirus is sure to impact your nonprofit’s bottom line. The final months of 2020 will be crucial. Now, more than ever, you need to be able to rely on the generosity of your donors.

Why You Need a Strong Fundraising Appeal Letter

Many of your donors still want to donate to your cause, but they won’t write a check if you can’t articulate a compelling case for support. Now is the time to craft a well-written appeal. Philanthropic research shows that 31% of all annual giving occurs in December, which leaves some time to plan your strategy. With so many worthy causes reaching out for donations, your appeal has to stand out from the dozens of others showing up in your supporters’ mailboxes, inboxes, and social media feeds. A powerful letter can differentiate you and help you receive a share of the billions of dollars in donations Americans will make between now and the end of 2020.

How to Ask for Donations During COVID-19

2020 is not a normal year; your fundraising letter should reflect that reality. Not everyone who gave last year will be in a financial position to give this year, but many of your donors are willing to open their wallets to support your mission — if you know how to ask. When asking for donations during COVID, you must show how you’re serving the community in these unprecedented circumstances and invite prospective donors to invest in that work.

Why You Should Hire a Copywriter to Craft Your Year-End Appeal

For nearly a decade, I’ve helped nonprofits of all sizes tell their story and raise millions of dollars in donations. I can use my experience to craft an end-of-year fundraising appeal letter for your organization, as well as a communications strategy incorporating multiple touches to ensure you’re top of mind when your prospects are ready to give. The season of giving is underway and there’s no time to waste. Let’s get started on your year-end fundraising campaign today.

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