5 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Jonny, your photography is both very interesting and thought-provoking. What did you see in the subject that caused you to preserve it? What emotional connection did you have with the person in the photo? Was the photo simply to record a memory for you, yet later warranted a second life as a memory for others…like me! Love the railroad cabin car!

    1. For me, photography has always been about capturing the feeling of a particular moment in time.

      I took the sunset photo for one of my housemates in college in hopes of capturing some of the essence of our shared home before moved away.

      The laundry drying photo was taken in Guatemala, where I tried to photograph as many of the beautiful, simple trappings of everyday life as I could.

      The woman sitting in the wild grass is good friend of mine; I was helping her create a photo book for her anniversary. The cliff photo was also taken that afternoon. The woman with the rose petals was for this same friend’s project on raising awareness for domestic violence.

      Of course, I have two photos of Stephanie that we took for her graduation from NAU.

      The third and sixth photos are from engagement sessions with really good friends in places that were meaningful to them.

      The self-portrait and the guitar were actually experiments with color and exposure more so than wanting to convey anything specific.

      The caboose is probably my favorite as well. That, along with the woman at the old gas pump, are probably linked to my ongoing fascination with abandoned things. It was sitting on a side rail behind a mall for weeks and was gradually accumulating a layer of graffiti; I think there’s something almost mystical about things that are left behind and forgotten.

      Thanks for looking around my website and commenting! Talk to you soon!

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