The Writer and the Engineer Get Hitched

   Today, I’m marrying the love of my life. It’s the most exciting day of my life and one that is already flying by. I want to remember every detail — the light mist that fell in the morning, the way Stephanie will look when I first lay eyes on her on the back porchContinue reading “The Writer and the Engineer Get Hitched”

My Foray Into #TwitterFiction

This week, I decided that I needed I try something different. So, I decided to write a short story for the Twitter Fiction Festival. It was quite a challenge, writing it one sentence at time in under 140 characters. In the process, I learned that writing a story in short, staccato bursts is difficult. IContinue reading “My Foray Into #TwitterFiction”

The Light and the Dark

Today is the shortest day of the year. It is the time of the year when darkness seems to close in around us. Its hard to feel motivated to do anything when the rain is pouring outside and the sun fades in the afternoon. The cold drives us into the cramped indoor where we finallyContinue reading “The Light and the Dark”

Etiquette in the Digital Age

Remember the good old days, when a gentleman remained standing until all of the ladies in a room were seated, when people removed their hats when coming inside, and when not leaving your calling card was considered a grave insult? Yeah, me neither. However, I do remember a time before the Internet was such aContinue reading “Etiquette in the Digital Age”