My Foray Into #TwitterFiction

This week, I decided that I needed I try something different. So, I decided to write a short story for the Twitter Fiction Festival. It was quite a challenge, writing it one sentence at time in under 140 characters. In the process, I learned that writing a story in short, staccato bursts is difficult. I also learned that when you schedule multiple tweets at the same time, you shouldn’t assume that they will post in the correct order.

Looking back on the story, it isn’t perfect, but I like it. A few typos snuck in and I’m only 90% sure that each piece is in the correct order. You can read the complete story, titled “A Necessary Fire” on Storify:

— 30 —
Jonny Eberle is a writer in Tacoma. You can find him on Twitter at @jonnyeberle. Thanks for reading!
[View the story “A Necessary Fire by J.W. Eberle” on Storify]

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