A Change In the Wind

There is a subtle change underway. The air bites in the morning as I jog from my front doorstep to my car. The sunset is creeping into earlier and earlier hours.

Autumn is falling like a scarf over the shoulders of the surrounding hills. It’s time to shut the windows and put away t-shirts. It’s time to build fires and brew tea and read books.

It’s time to turn away from a world gripped by darkness and build shining new worlds out of words and phrases.

Autumn is the perfect time to write. The chilly air encourages us to go inside; to create instead of seeking out the waning sunlight. It forces us to get to work after a long summer of adventures in the real world.

It is time to get started.

— 30 —

Jonny Eberle is a writer and cruncher of leave in Tacoma. You can follow him on Twitter.

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