Name In Lights

This is not my first byline. I’ve been published many times before. But it is my first published work as a freelance writer and the first article I’ve sold since moving to Washington two months ago. Maybe that’s why it feels different.

I think all writers are a little egotistical. I love the writing and I love informing people, but I also like seeing my name under the headline. I love the recognition of being a writer; the validation of seeing my work featured prominently. No matter how many things I write and sell, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that feeling.

For me, these articles are about more than paying for my utilities. They’re proof that my education taught me a valuable skill. They’re also the fulfillment of an impossible dream. These articles are built upon the work of the very talented journalists I’ve used as sources, but in a small way, I feel like one of them. I feel like a writer. And I’ve got the publishing credentials to back me up.

Sure, this isn’t The New York Times, but it’s a real step toward my career goals. Writers write and determined writers show their writing to the world. This is not my first byline, but I guarantee it’s the first of many.

— 30 —

Jonny Eberle is a freelance writer in Tacoma, WA. He’s a staff writer for Grey Cell, a news site covering foreign policy and conflict areas. Click the links below to read his first batch of articles and follow him on the Twitter machine.

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Sectarian tensions rise in Iraq
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