Paying My Dues

It’s hard to launch a career. Really, it’s hard to start anything that’s new. Taking those steps into the bright, shining newness is also a step into an obstacle course. When I started shopping my writing around at literary journals and websites, I thought I would’ve made it by now. I thought I would be published.

But success doesn’t work this way. You have to fight your way up from the bottom and you’re going to get knocked down a few times along the way.

In less than a month, I received four rejections. The first two were fine. The third stung a bit. The fourth hurt. And when it was over, every piece I’d submitted over the last six months had come back negative. Time to start over.

My whole life is changing in these next few months. I don’t know where I’ll be (I literally have no idea) or what I’ll be doing. I’m not just launching a career, I’m launching a life. I know that I’m going to trip up and fall down, but as long as I can get up, dust off and keep doing what I love, I think it’ll all work out. That bright, shining new world is calling…

— 30 —

I’m a writer in Flagstaff, AZ and when I’m not being overly naïve or reflecting on past naïvetés, I sometimes become a finalist in writing contests. More on that in my next blog. For now, comment away and follow me on Twitter: @jonnyeberle.

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