Fresh Snow, Fresh Creativity

I love days like today. Cold days when snow falls softly from the sky and leaves a hush over the earth. Wintery days without appointments or responsibilities when I can settle down in front of a window with a hot cup of tea and let my imagination fly off with the glistening flakes.

Today is one of those days that were made for writers. The silence of snowfall seems to awaken the part of the brain geared for introspection and language. Maybe it’s something about the void that prompts us to want to fill it with something of our own invention.

This is an exciting time of the year, when literary journals throw open their doors to accept submissions from the huddled masses of writers yearning to jump start their writing careers. And I, like so many, am rushing to meet deadlines. The promise of seeing my name and words in print gets my brain sparking with new ideas — too many to jot down in the few remaining pages of my tattered Moleskine.

There’s new snow falling on tree branches and new plots falling on white paper. Today is a good day to write.

— 30 —

My name is Jonny Eberle and yes, I live in Arizona and yes, it snows here, too. You can find out how I feel about snow (and guacamole and cursive and Arrested Development) on my Twitter feed: @jonnyeberle.

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