The Football Myth

Why are we so obsessed with football? What is it about a sporting event that can draw millions of us to the television, cause us to scream at the refs and cheer our team to victory? I think it’s more than the competition and it’s more than the commercials. I think what really enthralls us is the story.

Football brings us back to the stories of our childhood — sweeping narratives of good vs. evil. We want to see the struggle. We crave seeing the underdog pull through at the last minute because that is the best kind of story. Like our ancestors listening to epic poems around a fire, we all love a good drama. And today, we’re guaranteed one on a grand scale as we watch the Super Bowl. Heroes will be forged on the field. Enemies will fall. There will be loss; there will be redemption.

That’s why we all watch, even if we don’t follow the regular season. This is the climax of the story. No matter whether it ends in victory or defeat, we’ll all get caught up in the tale. And tomorrow, we’ll tell each other stories of triumphs and pitfalls, as we always have.

I can’t wait to experience the last thrilling chapter.

— 30 —

My name is Jonny Eberle and I’m a writer and the reigning king of guacamole in Flagstaff, AZ. You can follow my ongoing commentary of the day’s festivities on Twitter: @jonnyeberle. Football!

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