The Best Birthday Resolutions Ever

The funny thing about being alive is that your birthdays keep adding up. Today, I’ve been breathing on this planet for 23 years (if I were a dog, I’d be 105). It’s been five years since I became old enough to vote and two since I could legally purchase alcohol. There’s no real milestone for 23, but I still think it’s an occasion to stop and reflect on my life. Where most people make New Year’s resolutions, I make birthday resolutions. As I begin my next turn around the Sun, here’s what I hope to accomplish in the year 2013.

1) Never Stop Learning

Last year, I graduated from college. Now, I still don’t know if I want to go back to school. I’ve enjoyed the freedom of the post-grad life. But regardless of whether or not I return to the Ivory Tower, I still crave the dizziness of learning. I don’t want to shut my brain off. I want to learn more about the world. This year, I want to read books that challenge me and talk to people who force me to question my assumptions.

2) See the World

As long as I can remember, I have loved to travel (except when I get carsick). I like going new places, experiencing cultures, trying new foods and getting completely lost. Last year, I couldn’t travel very much because of school, but now I’m ready to pack my bags. In my life, I hope to stand on every continent. Why not start now?

But aside from short excursions from home, a bigger adventure is brewing. I’ve lived in Flagstaff for all of my adolescent and adult life and with each passing year, I find there are fewer things holding me here. My family no longer lives on the mountain and my friends are slowly drifting away. I love Flagstaff, but 2013 may be the year I try something new.

3) Embrace Failure

This was the first year that I tried to sell a story for publication…and it didn’t happen. Failure is a part of life and for someone who always excelled academically, it can be difficult to accept. And sometimes, when failure seems to be a real possibility, I prefer not to try at all. I’m a lot less cautious than I used to be and want to continue risking failure. A healthy fear of the unknown can be good, but I don’t want it to hold me back.

As I enter this next year of my life, I’m ready to leap without taking too long to look at where I’ll land. I may fall flat on my face, but that’s a risk I have to take.

— 30 —

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