The Best Birthday Resolutions Ever

The funny thing about being alive is that your birthdays keep adding up. Today, I’ve been breathing on this planet for 23 years (if I were a dog, I’d be 105). It’s been five years since I became old enough to vote and two since I could legally purchase alcohol. There’s no real milestone for 23, but I still think it’s an occasion to stop and reflect on my life. Where most people make New Year’s resolutions, I make birthday resolutions. As I begin my next turn around the Sun, here’s what I hope to accomplish in the year 2013.

1) Never Stop Learning

Last year, I graduated from college. Now, I still don’t know if I want to go back to school. I’ve enjoyed the freedom of the post-grad life. But regardless of whether or not I return to the Ivory Tower, I still crave the dizziness of learning. I don’t want to shut my brain off. I want to learn more about the world. This year, I want to read books that challenge me and talk to people who force me to question my assumptions.

2) See the World

As long as I can remember, I have loved to travel (except when I get carsick). I like going new places, experiencing cultures, trying new foods and getting completely lost. Last year, I couldn’t travel very much because of school, but now I’m ready to pack my bags. In my life, I hope to stand on every continent. Why not start now?

But aside from short excursions from home, a bigger adventure is brewing. I’ve lived in Flagstaff for all of my adolescent and adult life and with each passing year, I find there are fewer things holding me here. My family no longer lives on the mountain and my friends are slowly drifting away. I love Flagstaff, but 2013 may be the year I try something new.

3) Embrace Failure

This was the first year that I tried to sell a story for publication…and it didn’t happen. Failure is a part of life and for someone who always excelled academically, it can be difficult to accept. And sometimes, when failure seems to be a real possibility, I prefer not to try at all. I’m a lot less cautious than I used to be and want to continue risking failure. A healthy fear of the unknown can be good, but I don’t want it to hold me back.

As I enter this next year of my life, I’m ready to leap without taking too long to look at where I’ll land. I may fall flat on my face, but that’s a risk I have to take.

— 30 —

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16 thoughts on “The Best Birthday Resolutions Ever

    1. That’s great! A birthday is kind of a natural time to reevaluate your life and set goals for the coming year. Happy Birthday and I hope you find resolution writing to be a great experience. I know I have.

  1. This is a very well written, deep, and strong post. Thanks so much for this information that really made me think about my new year of possibilities.

  2. All the things that one ever wants to do,put briefly.. A well-written article.. I was looking for resolutions,something that sounds out-of-the-box.. I usually stick to my resolutions and last year was wonderful when it comes to completing them.. My birthday is on August 11,few days from now.. So I hope to make another or a few resolutions again.. After reading this,I have a doubt.. Do you stick to your resolutions.? 🙂

    1. I rarely stick to my resolutions, but I don’t think that necessarily negates the importance of creating them or attempting to achieve my goals, even when I fail. The act of stepping back and taking stock of one’s life is a good practice and resolutions can change as your life changes. I’m sure you’ll find it worthwhile. Happy Birthday (in advance)!

  3. Hi Jonny. Ive read several other blogs..but this is the first time im gonna leave a comment. 😃 Thank you for this wonderful post.. Simple but very well said and i feel i can relate.. Tomorrow is my birthday.. As much as id like to follow you on twitter i dont have a twitter account. Again, thanks! 🙂

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