Flash Fiction: Photograph

Friends pose for a photo in the crowded bar. They smile, hold up their beers, lean together, wait, wait, wait. The flash fires.

Just ten thousand tiny pixels preserve this night, the last of their carefree early twenties. Tomorrow, Bridgette will accept the job in Atlanta. In a month, Neil will propose to Tara and they’ll both move to Tucson. In three years, Jesse will check himself into rehab and Chris will land a book deal based on the column he started writing for the campus newspaper sophomore year. In five years, Leah will mix Chambord and Tylenol, go to bed and never wake up again.

But tonight, in the eyes of the camera, they’re just six college grads — six friends — who pretend they don’t know this is the end.

— 30 —

When I’m not writing character sketches in my trusty Moleskine notebook, I’m usually on Twitter. You can join the party at @jonnyeberle or leave your comments below.

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