No Time to Write

Some days, you can’t form sentences, so you have to write your blog post in the form of a poem. Ladies and gentlemen, today is one of those days.

slips away
no matter how tightly
you hold it,
but lingers
long after the party
is over and the other guests
have all gone home
and it doesn’t get the hint
that you want it to leave.

is never on your side.
Don’t bet on it
to spare itself
on your account.

is stingy—
23 hours
and 56 minutes.
Yours to waste
on work and school,
stuffing your face
and zoning out.

is scarce
when you need it.
Cant buy it.
Can’t save it.
Can’t manufacture more
or capture seconds
in a jar
like ticking fireflies.

wants me to pay
my bills.
It doesn’t want me
to write.

Time hates writers.

I will bottle time
and tame time.
I will hunt time
and bend time
to my evil
writerly plans.

So there.

— 30 —

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