Ten Ways to Not Write Your Novel

It is day eight of my novel adventure and the sheer weight of the task before me has just now hit me. Here are my Top 10 excuses for putting off writing:

  1. Catching up on The Walking Dead and Castle
  2. Constantly refreshing my Netflix Instant Streaming suggestions in search of a witty BBC series I missed
  3. Skype with unsavory characters in Dubuque, Iowa
  4. Getting my online holiday shopping done early
  5. Reading Facebook’s Data Use Policy
  6. Writing blogs about procrastination and marveling at my powers of metacognition
  7. Finding ever more creative ways to cook kielbasa
  8. Chatting with attractive young women at 24-hour eateries
  9. Playing with Bad Translator
  10. Googling “How to start my own political party”

I’ll get back to work eventually, I promise. Right after I’m done watching parents tell their kids they ate their Halloween candy…

— 30 —

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